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All Service Providers are required are verified thru a government issued photo ID and their and experience before getting activated on the platform. All Service Providers have in their profile Ratings/Feedback from people that already use them to do a task, they should maintain a minimum of 4/5 rating to stay active on the platform and continue giving services to the user.
No, for privacy and security purposes LinkToPin don't recommend to get in touch directly with a Service Provider. Making any transaction outside of the platfomr the user is not cover for any issues that may experience like refunds, and LinkToPin is not responsable for that.. LinkToPin helps resolve issues between Userss and Service Providers. If there is a dispute regarding payment or performance LinkToPin will inmediately help to resolve the matter. This would not be available if the task was done outside the platform. Using the LinkToPin Website or Mobile Application ensures that Tasks are completed before payment is release from the User, making for a safer and more confortable experience..
LinkToPin can be used in any communities across United Staes and Canada. Our Website and Mobile Application can automatically see where are you located and show the User all the Service Providers in the area..
Payment is done through Credit Card or Paypal as soon the task is completed . You will be required to provide your payment information at the time of the booking or if your payment information is saved in your profile you can use it to make the payment. LinkToPin will pre-authorize the charge at the time of booking. The charge is not processed until you are satisfied with the task and relase the payment to the Service Provider.
LinkToPin in order to keep the User without advertising and free of charge a 10% service fee is charged to the Service Provider as soon he complete the task . Doing this make LinkToPin to continue developing more and better features to serves better our community.
It's free. There is no cost to join, or to request a Task. As a User, the only payment you made is the amount the Service Provider request for your task.. For Service Providers, a 10% fee is applied to any Task completed on the platform. The money earn will be deposit in a wallet and then can be transfered at the time the Service Provider wish to the bank account saved.

No. Service Providers are members of your community who want to earn extra money by completing tasks for a User. LinkToPin provides all platform to connect Users with Service Providers. Service Providers are independent contractors who use LinkToPin to find available work in their area or community..

No, theres no additional fee for being a Service Provider.
LinkToPin pays Service Providers at the moment the task is fisnished and approve by the User. The money earn will reflect in the Service Provider wallet and it can be transfered directly to their bank accounts on file at any time. Service fees and transactions fees will be deducted before the payment is made.
Once the User search for a Service Provider it will show in the Map within 20 Miles of your location, it will show the Service Provider profile with all skills thet he/she may have, as soon you made a request the Service Provider youd accept or reject your request.
To become a Certified Service Provider you must complete your profile and document verification steps 100%. This means you must provide your contact info, valid Government Issue photo ID, profile photo, bank account info, and select your skills & experience.
If you are located within the 25 Miles range of the User ,notification is send to your App, Web, by SMS and Email, you should Accept or Reject the task as soon as possible.
Uploading a valid Government ID is a safety measure taken by LinkToPin to maintain our community secure. In order to ensure the true identity of our Service Providers, we ask for a valid Government issued photo identification. The copy of the ID is placed in a secure vault and never given to third parties or shown to other users.

Acceptable Government ID with a photo includes: driver’s license, United States or Canadian passport, Residence card, Working permit. Please note that ID cards are not acceptable.

You can either ask the Service Provider to correct the problem or you can reject the payment.
Yes, when registering a Service Provider is commited to list skills based on a experience, so he/she can do an oustanding job.
As all Service Providers registered in our platform are not employees of LinkToPin; If any accident happens LinkToPin is not responsable for it an is not liable.
As soon as you have the request from the User , you have a message window in your app or website where you can ask what is the specific task that has to be done if you are not sure before accept the Task.
It depends on the availability and time of the Service Provider, but if a Service Provider is avaiable to do any task that a user require he/she can earn an average of $ 2000.00 a week or more.