BEFORE USING THE SERVICES OFFERED BY LINKTOPIN (COMPANY) PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THIS SERVICE PROVIDERS ADDENDUM (ADDENDUM). BY ACCESSING OR USING THE SERVICES IN ANY MANNER, YOU OR THE ENTITY YOU REPRESENT (THE Service Provider OR YOU) CONFIRM THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS ADDENDUM AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY BOTH THE ADDENDUM AND THE COMPANY'S TERMS OF USE (LINK TO TERMS OF USE) BOTH OF WHICH ARE INCORPORATED HEREIN BY REFERENCE. ANY CAPITALIZED TERMS THAT ARE NOT DEFINED IN THIS ADDENDUM SHALL HAVE THE MEANING GIVEN TO THEM IN THE COMPANY'S TERMS OF USE. Company may provide Service Provider with the opportunity to provide Services to Customers. By using the Services, the Service Provider is representing to Company that it is willing to provide Services and that it agrees to use its best efforts to provide such services to Customers in accordance with this Addendum. Company retains the right to revoke any Service Provider's access to Company Services at Company's sole discretion.


Service Providers may be required to provide Company with certain information (including, without limitation, business information, contact information, list of available services and prices, availability, warranty policy, etc.) in order to access or use Company Services. Service Provider promises to provide Company with accurate, complete, updated information, Service Provider may only register one business per Company account at the Company's sole discretion, (for example, if a Service Provider is operating under two names it may only have one account which represents its business). All Service Provider User Submissions and Content are governed by the license terms contained in Company's Terms of Use.


Each Service Provider represents and warrants that it is registered and licensed to provide the services the Service Provider has informed the Company it performs, in the state and locale where any such Services are provided and that it has obtained and will maintain all necessary licenses to legal provide Services (including, without limitation, all applicable licenses to do business and/or professional licenses as required by all applicable jurisdictions) and that all such licenses are in full force and effect. Service Provider agrees to provide and maintain in effect at all times during its use of Company Services minimum insurance coverages and similar policies and coverages as mandated by law. Service Provider must provide electronic copies of all licenses and proof of insurance coverage to Company (i) before Service Provider can perform any job, be approved by Company, or be listed on the Services and (ii) upon renewal of any license or insurance coverage. In addition before any individual (i.e. Service Provider or a Service Provider's employee or subcontractor, as applicable) performs any job, Service Provider must ensure that such individual has completed and passed a background check in accordance with the Section below entitled Background Checks and that such individual meets the applicable requirements of this paragraph, including but not limited to licenses and insurance. Service Provider must immediately provide written notice to Company if at any time Service Provider does not possess the requisite licenses and/or insurance documentation in order to provide Services. Company reserves the right to terminate Service Provider's access to or use of the services at any time in its sole discretion if Service Provider violates any provisions contained in this paragraph.


Service Provider acknowledges and agrees that it may be subject to screening by Company. Company reserves the right to eject any Service Provider form the Services and/or terminate Service Provider's use of or access to the Services at any time with or without cause. Service Provider must conduct criminal background checks on all of its employees and subcontractors and their employees who will (i) have access to Customer information, (ii) be on site with Customers, or (iii) be performing Services before assigning any Job to an employee or subcontractor, and Service Provider will use best efforts to provide such background checks to Company prior to such events. Service Provider agrees that it is solely responsible for compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and any similar state or local laws. Service Provider agrees to indemnify and hold Company harmless for and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages (actual and consequential), losses and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising from or in any way related to any alleged violation of FCRA, or any similar state or local law.


Company reserves the right to publicly post and share any and all Customer feedback provided about Service Provider at its discretion on the Services or otherwise


Company reserves the right to modify or terminate all or part of this Addendum in its sole discretion at any time. Without limiting any remedy available to Company, If Service Provider breaches any provision of this Addendum or the Company Terms of Service, Company may immediately reject, suspend, and/or terminate Service Provider's access to and use of the Services at its sole discretion. The terms of the Company Terms of Service and Privacy Policy shall survive any termination of this Addendum.


Company shall take a fee from Service Provider equal to 15% of the amount paid to Service Provider for the services Service Provider performs through LinktoPin.