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About Us

LinkToPin was born in Miami, Florida in 2015 when Ricardo Mandini and Manuel Morales noticed there was a gap for on-demand services that would allow customers to connect with taskers for real-time help without the necessity of previously booking an appointment and waiting days to get the support they need at the moment. Thus, together with the LinkToPin team, they decided to create and online platform that allows people to network with service help that is available near them.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to both create a direct and safe link between United States and Canada residence who need immediate help with household and other errands and give taskers the flexibility and security of working when they have downtime.

LinkToPin's vision is to be the main online platform helping residents and inmigrants from United Stated and Canada, to complete daily tasks by connecting them online with a diverse force of taskers in a safe and secure environment that uses GPS technology locator for on demand services.

What we do

What we do? LinkToPin is an application that seamlessly connects Miami area’s residents to trusted help and workers nearby, looking to create a safe and secure networking tool with help that is currently in your community.

With its rapid growth, LinkToPin expects to expand to more demographic areas beyond United State and Canada.

" We are determined to build a better and more connected world for everyone !"

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Some of Us

Ricardo Mandini

CEO & Co-Founder

Manuel Morales

CFO & Co-Founder

Alejandro Duarte

VP of Business Development

Jhon Mora

Marketing Vice-President